Impaired Streams (11010014)

Little Red Watershed (Watershed Page)

The tables below were created using data from ADEQ 303(d) reports. 

2008 Category 5 Streams - 11010014


2008 Category 4a Streams - 11010014


2006 Category 5 Streams - 11010014


2006 Category 4a Streams - 11010014


2004 Category 5 Streams - 11010014


  • There are no 2004 Category 4a streams in this watershed.


Table Definitions & Abbreviations (ADEQ)

Assessment Types
Designated Uses 
Category (1 to 5) Definitions

Causes (Pollutants)

Sources (Polluters)


Assessment Types

E = Evaluated
M = Monotored

Designated Uses

Fish Consumption
Aquatic Life (Stream can support a balancesd aquatic community)
Primary Contact (Swimming)
Secondary Contact (Fishable/ Wadable)
Drinking Water
Agriculture & Industry

S = The designated use is fully supported
N = The designated use is not supported
Blank =

Category Definitions 

1 = Attaining all designated uses;
2 = Attaining some designated uses, but there is insufficient data to determine if other uses are being attained;
3 = Insufficient data to determine if any designated use(s) is attained;
4 = Impaired for one or more designated uses, but does not require the development of a TMDL because:
a. A TMDL has been completed for the listed parameter(s);
b. Other pollution control requirements are expected to result in attainment of water quality standards;
c. Waters which are not attaining current water quality standards and/or assessment criteria but do not  require the development of a TMDL because the impairment is not caused by a pollutant.
5 = The waterbody may be impaired, or one or more designated uses may not be attained. Waterbodies in Category 5 are placed in one of the following subcategories by the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality for management  purposes:
a. Truly impaired; develop a TMDL or other corrective action(s) for the listed parameter(s);
b. Waters not attaining standards, but could be de-listed with the adoption of future Regulation No. 2 revisions;
c. Waters in which the data is questionable because of QA/QC procedures and which require confirmation before a TMDL or other corrective action(s) is scheduled;
d. Waters which need data verification to confirm use impairment (additional sampling, biological assessment) before a TMDL or other corrective action(s) is scheduled;
e. Waters which are impaired by point source discharges and future permit restrictions are expected to correct the problem;
f. These are waters that are not currently meeting a water quality standard. However, “the basis for not meeting an applicable water quality standard is not caused by a pollutant, but is attributed to other types of pollution” (EPA, 2005).


SI = Siltation/Turbidity
AM = Ammonia
SE2 = Surface Erosion
NO3 = Nitrogen
TP = Total Phosphorus
NU1 = Nutrients (NO3, TP)
DO = Dissolved Oxygen
PA = Pathogen Indicators (bacteria)
CL = Chlorides
SO4 = Sulfates
TDS = Total Dissolved Solids
OE = Organic Enrichment
PO = Priority Organics
Al = Aluminum
Be = Beryllium
Cd = Cadmium
Cu = Copper
Pb = Lead
Zn = Zinc
Hg = Mercury


AG = Agrilculture
SE2 = Surface Erosion
RE = Resource Extraction
SV = Silviculture
UR = Urban Runoff
RC = Road Construction/Maintenance
IP = Industrial Point Source
MP = Municipal Point Source
HP = Hydropower
UN = Unknown



  • Clean Water Act Section 303(d) Impaired Waters Data Update here
  • Arkansas’s Final/ Draft Impaired Waterbodies – 303(d) List by Year here
  • AR Water Newsletter, Summer, 2015 here
  • NPS Management Plan here
  • The projects presented at the 2015 annual NPS conference are located here

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