319 NPS Pollution Management Program

Since 1990, the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission (ANRC) has been the lead agency for the Arkansas Nonpoint Source (NPS) Pollution Management Program (website here).  ANRC has oversight over the NPS Grant Program, and funds 319 projects related to nonpoint source pollution management.

To guide, coordinate and implement plans and programs to reduce, manage or abate NPS pollution, the NPS Management Program Plan is created and reviewed by stakeholders at and after the Annual Task Force Meetings.  (See 2008 Task Force Discussion/2010 Task Force Discussion )  This plan will be re-written and available on this website for public comment starting in Spring 2011.

Annual Reports are published by ANRC to summarize the progress made by 319 projects over the previous year.  Download complete annual reports below by clicking on the year.

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 319 Projects

Additionally, every year, usually in September, recipients of 319 funding may present their projects to be reviewed.  These power point presentations are submitted and published on this website below:

You will find in the 319 Project Database an extensive list of documents submitted to ANRC by past recipients of 319 funding.

Enter 319 Project Document Database

 Information About How To Propose 319 Project Work Plans

Through grants funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ANRC provides partial project assistance.

Who is eligible to propose a project? 

  • conservation districts
  • academic institutions
  • government agencies
  • nonprofit organizations and groups
  • other entities

When are project work plans accepted?
Proposed work plans are accepted December through the first week in January.

When will I find out if my project work plan has been selected for a grant?
Generally, those who submit work plans will be notified by mid-March or thereabouts. However, EPA approval may take longer in some situations.

In what format should my project work plan be submitted?
ANRC provides a template in Microsoft Word. All project work plans must be submitted in the ANRC template.

What types of projects might receive partial funding?
Projects for implementation, demonstration, and watershed planning to abate NPS pollution get priority. Projects located in priority watersheds and have a high probability of generating measurable results will be given priority. Individual projects are selected based on priorities set in the Management Program Update.

How much match is required?
319 grants will not exceed 57% of total project costs. Organizations that propose a project work plan for funding must provide the 43% required match. Match may be cash or in-kind.

Need Help Developing A 319 Project Work Plan?

Consultants are available to conservation districts and other watershed groups through the Arkansas Association of Conservation Districts. Email requests for assistance to Tony Ramick: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Clean Water Act Section 303(d) Impaired Waters Data Update here
  • Arkansas’s Final/ Draft Impaired Waterbodies – 303(d) List by Year here
  • AR Water Newsletter, Summer, 2015 here
  • NPS Management Plan here
  • The projects presented at the 2015 annual NPS conference are located here

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