319 Project Presentations - 2010


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06-1000: Monitoring and Eval (PDF, 2.2 MB)(PPT)
06-1600: Crittenden County Erosion Control(PDF)(PPT)
06-1700: Cross County Erosion Control(PDF)(PPT)
06-1800: Larkin Creek Baseline Monitoring(PDF)(PPT)
07-1000: Strawberry River Sub Watershed Monitoring(PDF)(PPT)
Two monitoring sites from each were selected in four subwatersheds: Little Strawberry, Greasy Creek, Sandy Creek, and Bullpen Creek. The ASU Ecotoxicology Research Facility tested water for total suspended solids, nitrates, nitrites, and orthophosphate. Samples were collected by the Fulton County Conservation District, to measure the effect of its BMP implementation in the area.
07-400: West Fort White River Stream Restoration(PDF)(PPT)
The goal of the Watershed Conservation Resource Center’s project was to restore unstable sections of the West Fork White River (WFWR) to reduce sediment loads from banks, improve water quality, and enhance aquatic and terrestrial habitat.
08-300: 12- Digit SWAT Modeling(PDF)(PPT)
University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service - Dharmendra Saraswat
08-400: Illinois River Volunteer Monitoring(PDF) (PPT)
08-500: Fulton County Cost Share(PDF) (PPT)
08-600: Poultry House Runoff Demo(PDF) (PPT)
University of Arkansas - Andrew Sharpley
08-700: Forestry BMP Survey (PDF)(PPT)
The purpose of the Arkansas Forestry Commission’s Arkansas Silvicultural Non-point Source (NPS) Project is to assess Best Management Practices (BMP) assessment statewide to determine implementation rates.
08-900: L'Anguille River Riparian Modeling(PDF) (PPT)
09-300: Lower L'Anguille River Cost Share(PDF) (PPT)
09-400: Northwest Arkansas Water Quality Trends(PDF) (PPT)
09-500: Upper White River Monitoring(PDF) (PPT)
09-600: Illinois River Monitoring(PDF) (PPT)
Arkansas Water Resources Center - Brian E. Haggard
09-700: Eleven Point Cost Share(PDF) (PPT)
The objective was to improve land uses in the Eleven Point Watershed in Randolph County and to implement conservation plans on pasture and hay land along the Eleven Point River.
09-800, 09-900, 09-1000: Galla Creek, Bayou Bartholomew, L'Anguille River Monitoring(PDF) (PPT)
Ecological Conservation Organization
09-1100: Kings River Monitoring(PDF) (PPT)
09-1200 Clear Creek Riparian(PDF)(PPT)
09-1300: Sager Creek Phase II (PDF)(PPT)
The City of Siloam Springs and the Sager Creek Advisory Commission implemented stream restoration practices on Reach 7 of Sager Creek in downtown Siloam Springs. The most downstream dam, adjacent to the public library, was removed. The streambank was reshaped and stabilized using bioengineering techniques, and teh channel was restored using step pools and/or riffles and boulders.
09-1500: Poinsett County Erosion Control(PDF)(PPT)


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