319 Project Presentations - 2015


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Day 1

NPS Management Update PPT - PDF
Illinois River Watershed Partnership PPT - PDF
Beaver Watershed Alliance PPTX - PDF
Implementing Watershed Management Plans through Extension Education PPTX - PDF
Mississippi River Basin Healthy Watersheds Initiative - Arkansas PPTM - PDF
Share Arkansas Water Quality Efforts PPTX - PDF
Community Forums in Priority Watersheds PPTX - PDF


Day 2

13-300: Water Quality Demonstration and Educational Program for the Illinois River Watershed - Green Infrastructure & Low Impact Development Demonstration and Education Project for the Illinois River Watershed PPTX - PDF
12-600: Water Quality Demonstration and Educational Program for Main Street Little Rock PPTX - PDF
13-1100: White River Bank Restoration and Monitoring Project ANRC Project No. 13-1100 PPTX - PDF
13-1400: Lake Fayetteville Watershed Outreach & Education PPTX - PDF
Project FY14-300: War Eagle Creek Riparian Management Education & Demonstration Project PPTX - PDF
12-200: Boone County Bull Shoals Watershed PPTX - PDF
13-900: Poplar Creek Watershed Improvement Project PPTX - PDF
14-500: Sediment & Nutrient Management in the L'Anguille River Watershed St. Francis County Cost Share Project PPTX - PDF
13-200: Lee Creek and Upper Frog Bayou Watershed Management Plans - Phase II 319 Grant Project No. 13-200 PPTX - PDF
11-500: Water Quality Monitoring in the Upper Illinois River Watershed and Upper White River Basin PPTX - PDF
Water Quality Monitoring and Parameter Load Estimations in L'Anguille River Watershed and Deep Bayou PPTX - PDF
11-1800: Larkin Creek Phase II PPTX - PDF
11-6000: Cache River Monitoring PPTX - PDF
13-5000: Middle Cache River Monitoring PPTX - PDF


*These projects were presented in September 2015 using various versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. You can download the originals by selecting the first link, with .pptx or .ppt. In addition, the presentations have been converted to PDF format. If you do not have PowerPoint, if your version is not able to open the newer files, or if you want to download the document quicker, use the PDF format. It is not as pretty, but the information is still there.

Project Summaries are submitted to the Nonpoint Source Pollution Management Program, and are archived in the 319 Project Document Database. They may not be available for all projects.