319 Project Presentations - 2013


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09-1600: West Fork White River Restoration Project Fayetteville Executive Airport (PPT)
09-1800: Effects of Land Use and Associated Factors On Biological Communities of Small Streams in the Illinois River Basin of Arkansas (PPT)
11-500: Water Quality Monitoring in the Upper Illinois River Watershed and the Upper White River Basin (PPT)
11-600: Cache River Monitoring (PPT)
11-700: Point Remove Watershed Project (PDF)
11-900: SWAT Modeling of Priority Watershed- Phase II (PPT)
11-1000: Sharp County Cost Share (PDF)
The Conservation Districts of Fulton, Izard, Lawrence and Sharp Counties continued the work started during project 00-600.  Phase III dealt with reducing or elimating sediment sources entering North Big Creek Watershed, a tributary to the Strawberry River.  Cost-share funding led to Fences, Tanks, Ponds, Prescribed Grazing, Pipelines, Trees, and Management of Pasture, Brush, Pest & Nutrient.
11-1100: Strawberry River Sub-Watershed Project (PDF)
Two monitoring sites from each were selected in four subwatersheds: Little Strawberry, Greasy Creek, Sandy Creek, and Bullpen Creek. The ASU Ecotoxicology Research Facility tested water for total suspended solids, nitrates, nitrites, and orthophosphate. Samples were collected by the Fulton County Conservation District, to measure the effect of its BMP implementation in the area.
11-1300: Lower Norfork Dam Watershed Project (PDF)
11-1400: Marion County (PDF)
11-1500: Sheid/Blossom Project (PPT)
11-1800: Larkin Creek Phase II Project 11-1800 (PPT)
11-2000: Little River Ditches Watershed Monitoring Project (PPT)
12-200:Boone County Bull Shoals Watershed Project (PDF)
12-600: Water Quality Demonstration & Educational Program for Main Street Little Rock (PDF)
12-700: Initiation of Watershed Management Plan (WMP) for Little Creek-Palarm Creek Sub-Watershed and a Low Impact Development Plan for Lake Conway Urban Watershed (PPT) (PDF)
Water Quality Monitoring and Parameter Load Estimations in Lake Conway Point Remove Watershed and L’Anguille River Watershed (PPT)
StreBanD DSS: A Reiparian Buffer Decision Support System for Planners (PDF)


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Project Summaries are submitted to the Nonpoint Source Pollution Management Program, and are archived in the 319 Project Document Database. They may not be available for all projects.