319 Project Presentations - 2014


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Day 1

Species, Stories and Stakeholders PPT - PDF
Threatened and Endangered Species Overview PPTX - PDF
8-Digit HUC Watershed Prioritization in Arkansas - Risk Assessment Matrix Approach PPTX - PDF
How to share your Arkansas water quality projects or activities with ANRC PPTX - PDF
Getting Your Message Out and Social Media PPT - PDF
The Arkansas Nonpoint Source Management Plan Update: Milestones 2011 - 2016 PPT - PDF
NPS Program Funded Success Stories PPT - PDF
Landscape Initiative - Conservation Beyond Boundaries... PPTX - PDF


Day 2

11-400: Evaluation and Design of Rain Gardens for Enhancement of Water Quality in the Illinois River Watershed PPTX - PDF
12-500: Arkansas Watershed Steward PPTX - PDF
12-600: Water Quality Demonstration and Educational Program for Main Street Little Rock PPTX - PDF
12-700: Preliminary Nine Element Plan for Lake Conway-Point Remove Watershed and an Urban Watershed Plan for Little Creek-Palarm Creek Sub-Watershed PPTX - PDF
11-1800: Larkin Creek Phase II Project 11-1800 PPTX - PDF
11-500: Water Quality Monitoring in the Upper Illinois River Watershed and Upper White River Basin PPTX - PDF
11-6000: Cache River Monitoring 11-6000 PPTX - PDF
12-800: Water Quality Monitoring and Parameter Load Estimations in Lake Conway Point Remove Watershed, L'Anguille River Watershed, and Bayou Bartholomew PPTX - PDF
09-1600: West Fork White River Restoration Project Fayetteville Executive Airport PPTX - PDF
09-1900: White River Bank Stabilization Update (ANRC 09-1900): Reducing Sediment and Nutrient Loadings through River and Streambank Restoration in the Beaver Lake Watershed PPTX - PDF
13-600: SWAT Modeling and Monitoring of Priority PPT - PDF
13-700: StreBanD Cloud: A Tool for Conservation Planners PPTX - PDF
13-800: Upper Sager Creek Regional Treatment 319 Grant Project No. 13-800 PPTX - PDF
11-1900: Update on the Arkansas Discovery Farms Program PPTX - PDF
12-200: Boone County Bull Shoals Watershed Project PPTX - PDF
12-300: Cross County L'Anguille River Watershed Water Quality Project PPTX - PDF
12-400: Lower L'Anguille Watershed Cost Share PPTX - PDF


*These projects were presented in October 2014 using various versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. You can download the originals by selecting the second link, with .pptx or .ppt. In addition, the presentations have been converted to PDF format. If you do not have PowerPoint, if your version is not able to open the newer files, or if you want to download the document quicker, use the PDF format. It is not as pretty, but the information is still there.

Project Summaries are submitted to the Nonpoint Source Pollution Management Program, and are archived in the 319 Project Document Database. They may not be available for all projects.



  • Clean Water Act Section 303(d) Impaired Waters Data Update here
  • Arkansas’s Final/ Draft Impaired Waterbodies – 303(d) List by Year here
  • AR Water Newsletter, Summer, 2015 here
  • NPS Management Plan here
  • The projects presented at the 2015 annual NPS conference are located here

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